The Singapore economy has been hit by the effects of the global pandemic that struck the world in 2020.

    The country has slipped into recession and there is no clear indication of when we will emerge from this challenging environment. Hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans are facing an uncertain employment future, with many having lost jobs or experienced severe loss of income this year alone.

    There is a need for a whole-of-nation approach to providing the support and help needed by Singaporeans to overcome the current economic challenges, while also addressing the need for mental and physical health and well-being, which are often overlooked during such difficult times.

    Orange Room and Novastella have come together to launch a new initiative – Run for Your Future – to provide an innovative solution that will augment broader national programmes that aim to not only help Singaporeans and Singapore companies survive the current recession, but to thrive in the “next normal” that will be presented in a post-COVID world.

    Running has been selected as the core activity given its accessibility and popularity among the majority of Singaporeans.

  • Behind Leaderboard

    To provide a digital platform that will build a community that engages Singaporeans seeking jobs or to transition to new sectors.


    To enable job seekers to professionalise their efforts to find new employment and acquire the requisite skills that will enable them to succeed in work and life.


    To create a culture of self-reliance and resilience among Singaporeans in a challenging global environment


    To reinforce positive habits that contribute to physical well-being and mental health

  • Connecting Virtually

    A virtual running challenge will be organized to encourage individuals to join groups that are organized according to sectors which reflect the key growth industries as identified by the government.

    Participants sign up for free for the sectors that they are interested in, and complete certain challenges based on the consistent achievement of set goals, which they can select for themselves, to be carried out over a fixed time period.


    From there, participants will be invited to access a series of self-video and virtual connections and received tips on how to manage their mental as well as physical well-being. Speakers from various industries will provide their expertise advice on current trends and relevant skill sets needed. Many well-being tips like how to reduce daily work stress and overcoming stress during this adversity period and changes in the workplace. Most importantly, topics like effective time management will be touched on and this helps to create habits and practices to help you maximize your energy and improve your focus.


    The Top 30 Male & Female Competitive Finishers per month will qualify for the Grand Finale at the Sports Hub to take on the Physical 5KM Run challenge with over $8,000 worth of prizes to be won.

  • SOCIAL & Competitive Journey

    Steps to Run for Your Future


    REGISTER & Select Sector

    Fill up the registration form with your details and select the sector that you are

    in or wish to be associated in.


    RUN & Record

    Start your Run challenge for the month:
    1. SOCIAL - record your 5km in a single run during the Run Period

    2. COMPETITIVE - Your best 5KM Run within the Run Period.



    WATCH Videos & Complete a quick survey

    1) Video links will be send through to your email once runs are submitted

    2) Do a quick survey upon completion of watching the video clips



    SUBMIT & Be Rewarded

    Submit your running records and

    complete it within the time period.

    • Virtual goodie bag will be send to you via email.
    • For Competitive participants, rewards* will be given to those that complete the monthly challenge! 

    *Medal and Finisher Tee (optional) for COMPETITIVE Challenge only

  • its your choice!


    Run Period for Mar: 1 - 31 Mar

    Health & Wellness Videos

    Complete a quick survey
    (3/5/10km single run within run period)

    Run Period for Mar: 5 - 29 Mar

    Health & Wellness Videos

    Complete a quick survey

    Your Fastest 5km
    Finisher Future Medal
    Finisher Running Tee
    (Top up @ $15)

  • competitive CHALLENGE Entitlements

    Each Finisher of the 5km Competitive Virtual Challenge will be entitled to a Run For Your Future Medal.Top up additional $15 during registration to get an exclusive Run For Your Future Finisher Tee!

  • grand finale for leaderboard top 10 - 4th april physical race

    Individual results will be send to all via email with their e-certificate.

  • top 10 - 5km competitive (for MAR 2021)

    Overall Leaderboard for Mar 2021 CLICK HERE

    Overall Leaderboard for Feb 2021 CLICK HERE

    Overall Leaderboard for Jan 2021 CLICK HERE

    Overall Leaderboard for Dec 2020 CLICK HERE

  • top 10 - 3km/ 5kM/10KM SOCIAL (for mar 2021)

    Overall Leaderboard for Mar 2021 CLICK HERE

    Overall Leaderboard for Feb 2021 CLICK HERE

    Overall Leaderboard for Jan 2021 CLICK HERE

    Overall Leaderboard for Dec 2021 CLICK HERE

  • Submit Your Runs

    Closed for Submission For Social

    Closed for Submission
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this there a registration fee, if so, how much?

    The SOCIAL category is entirely free event for all who register. We want to encourage everyone to Run for their Future and be a leader in your industry sector!

    If you are up for an additional challenge, there is a competitive Run category for just $9.50 + GST.

    What is the difference between the Social & Competitive category?

    The Social Category is free and allows you to do a single run/ walk of 5km within the run period.

    The Competitive category is a single entry of 5km that will be ranked by the time of completion in the leaderboard section.

    The Competitive category is entitled to the "Future Finisher" Medal and also a chance to qualify for the Final event in April 2021.

    What type of run app is accepted?

    Most running Apps are accepted as long as it displays the Time, Distance, Pace and Date of the Run/Walk recorded.

    However, we assume you are the person and not another person running based on the submitted run data to us. We will conduct random check on submitted run data. Honesty is the best policy!
    Here are some apps that are recommended:

    Adidas Running
    Nike Running
    Samsung Health App
    Google Fit

    Where should I submit my results to?

    Please submit your results via the Submission link in your confirmation email or the submission link found on the event website.
    You can submit it directly to this link here for the social category as well: Submit my Activity


    Can I submit my activity done before my registration date?

    Yes, you may submit your Run/Walk recorded before your registration as long as it is within the recording period for that month.
    Eg. Month of February, 1st - 28h Feb recording only.

    Can I choose to Run/Walk indoor

    Absolute yes, given the current social distancing measures. If you are running on your treadmill machine, just take screenshot of the distance covered and submit to us with a reference of the date.
    For Competitive Registrations, please note only outdoor Running and using of the recommended apps will be accepted.

    Who do we refer to if we face difficulty with our submission or seek further clarification?

    You can email to leaderboard@orangeroom.com.sg and we will revert back as soon as we can.

    Is there any age limit to participation?

    This event is for 18yrs old and above who are looking to an opportunity to be profiled to potential business leaders, learn more about self-resilience and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    How do I claim my virtual goodie bag?

    1. Complete and submit your 5km/10km walk/run
    2. Watch all videos provided
    3. Submit a quick survey upon completion of watching of each video
    4. Virtual goodie bag will be send to you through your email

    Are there any penalty / consequences for non-completion of the goals/challenges?

    This event is not to penalize anyone for not completing their goals or challenges. However, we have made the goal/challenge relatively easy to complete so your efforts will not go to waste.

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